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Math Master

Math Master

Do you want to get better at solving math problems in your head? Then Math Master is the app for you.
You can start with easy addition and subtraction puzzles and then add multiplication, division and percentage as you get better.


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Mem-O-ri US States Quiz

Mem-O-ri US States Quiz

What are all the states called, and what are their capitals - and can you recognise their flags, mottos, nicknames and where they are positioned on the map?
With “Mem-O-ri U.S. states Quiz” you will learn all the US States flags, names and capitals, mottos and nicknames in 6 different and exciting games. And you will also learn where the states are found on the map.


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Mem-o-ri Germany Quiz

Mem-o-ri Germany Quiz

Would it not be great to know more about Germany?
What are all the states called, and what are their capitals - and can you recognise their flags and coats of arms ?

Mem-O-ri Germany Quiz is great:

  • for pupils
  • if you want to train your memory skills
  • for those that emigrate to Germany and would like to know more about the country

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Mem-o-ri Flag Quiz

Mem-o-ri Flag Quiz

.Super Wissensvermittlung
By Cupra1980 from Germany on Oct 26,  2014Eine super Lern-App! Wenn du glaubst,Du kennst dich mit allen Ländern dieser Welt aus, beweise es!


Eine super Lern-App! Wenn du glaubst,Du kennst dich mit allen Ländern dieser Welt aus, beweise es!


Mem-o-ri Flag Quiz will quickly teach you all the national flags, country names and capitals in 5 different games.

Mem-o-ri also trains your memory by showing you a number of flags that must be remembered and then recognised. To make the game more difficult you can choose to remember the flag, but having to pick the right name or capital of the country. The games start with 4 different flags and continues up to 15 for the very best among you.

Another fun and maybe easier way to learn the flags is to play “Find the error” where you have to pick the flag, country name or capital that does not fit. Or you can play “Find the match” where a you must pick the flag, name or capital from a set of 4 different alternatives.

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. Addicting, challenging, fun!
By tylersaly from United States on Aug 14, 2014 Great game. The only game I play at least once daily.


Can you find three cards that are either all the same - or all different? Does that sound easy?

Then try it when the clock is running.

Master the 5 single-user game types with several levels of difficulty, or play with your family or friends where you take turn and try to match their capabilities.

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Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst

.A nice simple game

Владислав Метелица on Nov 21, 2014 at 1:02 PM

Not a man, not a woman Conchita VURS - the star of the Internet. Breakout game very timely. Not intrusive application is well suited when among a long list of installed games bored. Well done to the developers. I will regularly check for updates.

Original review

Приятная простенькая игрушка Не то мужчина, не то женщина Кончита Вурс - звезда интернета. Тематическая игра очень даже вовремя. Не навязчивое приложение, хорошо подходит, когда среди длинного списка установленных игр все надоело. Молодцы разработчики. Регулярно буду проверять наличие обновлений

 'Everybody should live their lives the way they want, as long as nobody else gets hurt or is restricted in their own way of life.’, says Tom Neuwirth/Conchita Wurst.

As Conchita Wurst won the European Song Contest (ESC), we created this game to support her statement for tolerance and acceptance in a playful game, and to help in promoting the statement of the Bearded Lady.




Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Become the Chi-Wi Champion of the world!
Fly through the kitchen sky on your flip-flapping plane, chopping as many chicken into chicken wings as you can.
Watch out for objects hanging above you and gigantic ketchup bottles blocking your way.

And look out for the Easter surprise....

The plane is controlled by tapping the screen.

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