abcOnline-CMS is a dynamic Content Management System for all those that want to use the internet and their website to sell and market products and services.

abcOnline-CMS includes technology and functionalities that help the customers reach their targets.

abcOnline-CMS is already installed and ready to use. It is up-to-date at all times and constantly developed as the internet evolves.

abcOnline-CMS is used by a wide range of partners. It enables them to build on their knowledge about the internet to easily and effectively create customer-specific websites.


We use a partner model, because our partners are experts in their field, the concept and the design of the websites, whereas we are experts on programming. We all do what we know best - for the benefit of our customers.

Each customer that is won by our partners means new possibilities for us and often new features in abcOnline-CMS - and we make every update available for existing customers. That is why we use a leasing price model based on different editions.

Our partners are active participants in the continued development of abcOnline-CMS, because no one knows the needs in the market as well as they do.

And no one knows better how to implement these into the program than us - and we do it at no extra cost to the partner or the customer!

abcOnline-CMS a marketing tool

abcOnline-CMS gives you all the professional tools you need to make the website the center of your e-marketing activities.

Not only is your website up to date, with the latest product news and activities. You can also give limited access (Intra- and Extranet) to your customers and employees, and visitors that want access to information, can be asked to register first.

Your products can be presented and marketed - and by re-using the news that has already been written you can stay in touch with your customers - or the members of your organisation - by e-mails.

...or let them register online to participate in the events found in your activities calendar?

And why not define a questionaires and let those that visit you reach you at all times, with automatic replies and re-direct to specific information based on their requests?

The alternatives are many and we are happy to show you how to use them.


The articles are the foundations of the website. Articles are permanent texts that are seldom updated. These texts are written to present the company/organisation and its offer in the best possible way.

Articles can have Text, Pictures and Documents that can be downloaded (e.g. a PDF of a Word document)


The calendar shows an overview of all activities and events. The content is updated in separate modules (Events, Tournaments and Training courses). The calendar information can be presented in a month-view or as a list of coming events. Depending on the settings for each event, a user can within the seleted time frame, register or un-register for events online. For online registrations, the user automatically receives an e-mail that makes it possible to save the details in the Outlook calendar on his own computer.

When the online registration is no longer available, the Administrator can download all registrations as an Excel list. Everyone that has registered online can automatically receive an e-mail that the list of participants is available online.

An overview of coming events can be included in the Newsletter.

Contact persons

The Contact person module makes it possible to present the team of employees in a structured and consistent way. Every person can have details about title, rank, and contact information (e-mail, telephone etc) and a personal description.

To avoid spam all e-mail adresses (also in other modules) are automatically encrypted before they are presented on the website.

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum can have one or more main topic, and each topic can have a Moderator that is responsible for the content. The Moderator will automatically receive an e-mil when a new entry is created, and can - if needed - delete the entry. For each main topic it can be decided if only registered member can contribute or if the forum is open for all. It can also be defined that a new entry must be approved before it appears in the forum

When a Member or a registered Visitor writes an entry, information about the author (such as Name and e-mail) is available to the other readers. It a guest that has not registered writes an entry they can decide if the entry is signed with "Guest" or with a selected Name and e-mail.

The Discussion forum can be closed by positioning it on a menu item that requires member or visitor registration before it is available.


When a longer text is not necessary to present a document, the Document module can be used.

The documents are usually presented as a list, e.g. to allow downloading of product information, handbooks or price lists.

External links

External links are used to integrate information from other websites, such as updated weather information, RSS-Feeds, Advertisements or Flash movies.

The External links are completely integrated in the website and makes it possible to include specially programmed solutions that e.g. extract data from an external database.


Every website must have an easily accessed page with contact and legally required information. This information can be placed in an Article module or in an Impressum module on the footer.

The Impressum module appears on all webpages. It makes sure that the necessary information is always present.


The registration of members is more comprehensive than the registration of a visitor. The Member module includes a complete membership database with Private, Company and Community information. The webmaster has the possibility to decide what kind of membership registration that is used:

  • Closed: All member must be registered by the Administrator
  • Open: Everyone that register have automatically access
  • Limited: New members can apply for membership and this must be approved by the Administrator
  • Password: Anyone that knows the master password can get access without first being approved

The membership database can be extended to include customer specific information, such as information about membership type and qualifications that are needed by the organisation.

Every member can update their own information, and a directory can be included on the website where it is possible for other member (or visitors) to search for information that other members have made available.


News are updated information and usually time-limited. News can belong to different categories and when the Webmaster defines the structure of the website it can be decided that the same news item shall appear on different positions. Often the "Home" page of the website will list the latest news of all categories, and on menu items that have a specific topic, only news of categories that belong to this topic will appear.

News can have Text, Pictures and Documents for download (such as PDF and Word documents)

News appears automatically in the Newsletter if this category and this news item is defined to do so.


For websolutions that have a Members directory or a Visitor modul, abcOnline CMS can automatically send out personalised newsletter. The Editor writes an introduction to the newsletter with Heading, Content and Pictures and decides that e.g. the published news for this month shall be included. In addition it can be defined that a specific number of future events (Training courses, Events and Tournaments) shall be included in the newsletter.

The newsletter will then be created with news and productinformation from the given timeframe. Every newsletter is individually tailored to each member so that subscription to specific newscategories can be chosen by each member.

The layout of the newsletter is individually created for each website.


The Product module is a comprehensive and well-developed module that includes more than just a product description of a shopping basket.

With the Product module can e.g. Reports (for example as PDF documents) be presented. The module has the advantage that the content can be positioned according to specific criteria and not according to a menu item or an individual category.

The Webmaster can define a range of criteria and each product can have one or more of these criteria. As an example of its use, the website "Historic Mustard Mill Monschau" ( can show the vast possibilities of the Product module. On this website the products are different types of mustard, wine or gift articles.


Shortnews are SMS-type messages that can be positioned on different pages of the website. These are also organised by category and are used for latest updates or current status news.

The shortnews are often used for small blocks of similar information (e.g. our Address or Contact for more information) if it is to be shown on several of the pages.


In most of the modules, such as Articles or News, individual or composite pictures can be added as a part of the text. To present a larger number of pictures the Slideshow module should be used. The pictures can be displayed individually or as a matrix to present a larger selection.

The Slideshow is either position on a menu item or by category and offers thereby a large variety of presentation possibilities.


The Sponsor module has a structured content that can include Name, Address, URL, Logo, Picture etc. The structure is individually created for each website and makes it possible to present sponsors and/or partners.

The Sponsor module can be placed on specific menu items or pictures (such as a Logo), or can appear as an advertisement on the footer. From there it can be decided if a click on the advertisement opens a new window with more information, or automatically shows the website of the sponsor.


Some pages are only available for registered visitors. To achieve this, all that must be done is to define that the menu item needs registration. The visitor must thereby sign in; the e-mail address is automatically verified before the registration is accepted.

The visitor can also indicate if he/she wants to subscribe to the Newsletter; and he/she can at any time unsubscribe, change or delete the registration.