Math Master - mental math trainer and quiz game

Math Master

My friend is able to solve very difficult math problems in his head - and I was so impressed. Then I found out that with some practice I was able to do it also.

With Math Master you can improve your mental math abilities. You can start with addition (+) and subtraction (-); in the "Pupil" game all the answers are below 100. Later you can add Multiplication (x), Division (/) or even percentages (%) to the problems. When you are able to solve these problems you can play the "Student" or "Professor" games.

The game will give you new problems all the time, but you will see that your math abilities improve. If you want additional challenges you can play the games on time: how many math problems can you solve in one minute?

Not able to find the answer? The program can show you the solution and how it was calculated, but then of course you will lose points.

I wish you a lot of fun and am sure that if you practice daily you will soon be a real Math Master.

  • 6 games, 3 of them with time pressure
  • Play with addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication, division and percentage can be added

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The app is available both in a free version (with advertisement) or you can buy the Premium version.


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Math Master was programmed by AlphaBit.
The game design was made by Werbedesign Kolbe