Mem-O-ri Germany Quiz

Mem-O-ri Germany Quiz

Mem-O-ri - Because you want to know !

What are all the states called, and what are their capitals - and can you recognise their flags and coats of arms ?

“Mem-O-ri German states Quiz” will quickly teach you all the flags, names and capitals for all the German federal states in 5 different and exciting games. And you will also learn where the states are found on the German map.

Start playing “Find the Error” or “Find the match” to combine the right map, flag, coat of arms with the name of the state and its capital. 

This game also trains your memory by showing you a number of flags or coats or arms that must be remembered and then recognised. To make the memory game more difficult you can choose to first remember the flag and then pick the matching name of the federal state. The games start with 4 different flags and continue up to 15 for the very best among you.

The objective of Mem-O-ri is to help you get better - and not necessarily to beat the score of someone else - however we do include the Leaderboards so that you can compare yourself to other players. It is more important to learn the facts, than to get a high score. That is why we include a link to Wikipedia for each question so that you can learn more about it.

"Mem-O-ri German states Quiz" is translated and can be played in English, German, French, Spanish or Norwegian.

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Mem-O-ri Flag Quiz was programmed by AlphaBit.
The game design was made by Werbedesign Kolbe